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Revised February 9, 2015

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County Supper Storytelling Concerts in Northern Bruce Peninsula,Ontario. Leslie Robbins-Conway and Paul Conway, chef-storytellers.

Personal perspectives on cultural and political issues of the day.

The story of Mariposa—Stephen Leacock's Town and the real Township—and Missinaba County has for too long been obscured by truncation and clouds of mystery. No longer.

From Voice to Page, that is. Performances in Print (booklets) to bring to the eye and the eye's mind what has hitherto been reserved for the ear.

Twitterverses! Puffs of pygmy poesy formed for fleeting fancies and keeping you informed of developments.

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Carrying On

When I use the expression "carrying on" to describe my way of life, I mean it diversely. Roget's International Thesaurus, Fifth Edition, places "carry on" under all the sub-headings listed beside, and a fine, inspiring list they make. I do them all sometimes.

I have a great deal of difficulty with labels of all kinds, and am therefore reluctant to call myself a writer, although I write; a singer, although I sing; a storyteller, although I tell stories; or any of the other designations that might apply. Others such as "artist" or "intellectual" ought never to be self-applied, but deserved, arising from the good opinion of others. You will have to judge for yourself whether they apply. I may only say that I strive to perform artistically, I read quite widely, and I try very hard to think carefully, perhaps with uneven results.

My profession has evolved in interesting ways over more than fifty years, and so continues, but I would sum it up as a continuing effort to make myself useful to people who might benefit from what I can do, and to make myself worth hearing. But of course, you never find out if you're worth hearing if you don't speak out. So that's what I'm doing.

I publish in several different media, including this one. I have listed the others with links in the box above. I believe that different purposes require different styles, and I intend to keep my purposes diverse. I hope you find something to interest or amuse you, possibly both, and look forward to meeting or hearing from you.

Thank you for attending.

To Carry On


be patient

be angry



keep going





create disorder



do the usual thing



I make no claim to originality of thought or expression. I seek only to say what I think, based on my own experience, reading and contemplation. I will borrow ideas enthusiastically, and give credit where possible. Often, however, I don't remember where I heard or read something, or have heard or read something like it often, from many sources.

If you agree, disagree, or

would like to extend the discussion,

I would like to hear from you:

Conversation is everything.

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